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New Focus Coaching Mission:

To coach and mentor people who want to change and enable them to realise their true potential and life style.


Martin is a highly respected leader with over 30 years experience in the Business and IT world, ranging from delivering multi million pound projects, change management, customer service, through to working in the corporate headquarters environment. He is a qualified coach, a Fellow of the BCS and a Chartered IT Professional.

Throughout these senior management roles he has successfully coached people to reach their goals and potential.

Martin has also many successes in his personal life, for example winning Formula 3 motor races across Europe.

1-Copy of Mallory Park 1994 fastest lap cropped

This rich background has given him an insight into how to do things successfully and have the right frame of mind, and importantly how NOT to do things.

Martin has trained and qualified as a coach with Curly Martin, an internationally acclaimed coach, author, teacher and NLP Master Practitioner.
He is also qualified in NLP for Business Communications and Personal Performance Coaching.

This rich background makes Martin the right person to help others going through change in their business or personal life and those people who wish to succeed.

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