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Why Does Personal Coaching Work ? The Benefits

Personal Coaching is one of the most results-oriented and practical ways to achieve success. Just imagine how it feels to have just achieved your greatest goal that you have committed to, using your own solution.

How does it work ?

- You gain results quickly, often after the first personal coaching session, because you commit to actions which support your specific desires.

- You uncover what is important to you (your values) and use these to realise your true worth.

- You will discover what is possible. 

- You are in partnership with a professional, who is committed to your success, you are kept focused and on 'your goal'.

- Your coach will hold you accountable for your actions and will support you with an abundance of resources.

- You acquire skills and knowledge that can bring future success.

- You uncover hidden talents that set you apart from the status quo and unlock your true potential.

- You learn to make decisions rooted in the foundation of your values, enabling you to maintain a healthy balance and outlook on life.

Why Seek A Personal Coach ?

A growing and well-respected profession, personal coaching has proven  to be invaluable in empowering people and business leaders. Whether you are seeking personal guidance, or help in moving your business forward, personal coaching is one of the most effective ways to achieve your aspirations and realise positive outcomes.

There are many aspects about your life that are worth discovering and developing. Here are a few:
- A more fulfilling, meaningful career, work that inspires you.

- To unearth your hidden talents and gifts.

- To reach your true potential.

- To create a new aspect to your lifestyle.

- A clear vision to a make a life challenging transition.

- To change some of your outdated beliefs that prevent you from moving forward.

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A recent Personal Coaching study by the ICF (America) reported the following:

The role of the personal coach:

- A sounding board             80%

- A motivator                  78%

- Friend                       56%

- Mentor                       50%

- Business consultant          46%

- Teacher                      41%

- Taskmaster                   30%

- etc.....

The Personal Coaching study also revealed the the following reason why people use a coach, client chose as many as were appropriate:

- Time management              80%

- Career                       74%

- Business                     73%

- Relationships                58%

- Well-being                   52%

- Spiritual                    51%

- Personal                     45%

- Goal setting                 40%

- Financial                    38%

- etc......


Results of working with a personal coach:

- Improved self awareness      68%

- Improved goal setting        62%

- More balanced life           60%

- Lower stress level           57%

- Self discovery               53%

- Self confidence              52%

- etc....


Contact Martin now here or call 07847 372725 for your Personal Coaching

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