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Executive Coaching


Do you want to live life to the full?

Imagine you have someone focussed on your personal success, an objective neutral sounding board, an Executive Coach, where you can take ideas, concerns, concepts, or issues. Would this improve how you feel, your outlook on life, does this sound too good to be true.  

    It Is Possible with Executive Coaching!

- Are you a high performing person that wishes to improve results?
- Are you striving to improve bottom line result?
- Do people in the company rely on your judgment?
- Do you have to handle crisis events?
- Are you expected to develop future winning strategies?
- Are you committed to your family?

New Focus Coaching will work in partnership with you to facilitate a clear vision and focus along with alignment to strong and effective leadership, which is essential given the fast pace of business today.

Executive Coaching will enable you to achieve impressive results by making informed decisions and actions based on options derived from focussed, confidential coaching.

Some of the areas covered in Executive Coaching:

- What is Important

- Establishing Direction

- Clarity of Purpose

- Promoting Change

- Motivating and Inspiring Others

- Alignment of People and Work

- Problem Solving

- Risk Taking

- Identify and Utilise Personal Strengths

- Results

- Time Management

If you are seriously considering working with a coach and are ready to take action, call Martin now for a Free Consultation. You can then decide the value for you in executive coaching.

Executive Coaching Investment

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