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Successfully Passing An Interview

Once your CV has been effective and you have gained an interview, first impressions at the interview are very important.

Therefore being well prepared is key e.g. what is the company style - formal or informal dress, how long will the interview last, are there any special tests, who will be interviewing you.

The style of interview and questions asked may vary enormously.

If there is a second interview and you are asked similar questions to the first interview, give full answers that build on those already given.


The Preparation

Key Items To Do Before The Interview

- Research the company and the industry.

- What are their products and services.

- Who owns the company.

- What competitors do they have.

- What is their reputation.

- Look at their annual report.

- Gain information from the companies marketing department.

- Memorize the names of the people interviewing you.

- Know your CV inside out.

- Clearly understand what the job requires from the job advert.

- Learn about body language, first impressions do count!

- Make sure that you have the suitable clothes to wear.

- Make sure you are well groomed.

- Polish your shoes.


Possible Interview Questions

There are many interview questions that can be asked during an interview. This link takes you to a page of typical questions, possible replies, and questions that you can ask at the interview.

When you consider possible answers to the questions, make sure you think about the experience and skills you have and how they relate to the job requirements. This will give you some ideas of the items you want to highlight.

Practice and practice again your answers.

This practice can be made more effective if you practice aloud and with a friend acting as the interviewer. Get the friend to identify any annoying phrases or habits you have during the practice interview, e.g. “ you know…”


On The Day

- Dress smartly.

-  Arrive on time. Make sure you have the interviewers telephone number in case you get delayed.

- Take four spare copies of your CV with you.

- Give a firm handshake.

- Be honest and do not exaggerate.

- Be enthusiastic about yourself, the job and the company.

- Be positive and confident.

- Speak slowly and clearly.

- Take time to think about an answer.

- Give thorough answers to questions, using your own examples.

- Don't say anything negative about previous employers. Always keep it positive.

- Do not waffle, keep to the point of the question.

- Make eye contact. Think about you body language.

- If asked if you have any further questions and you have none, say that your questions have been answered during the interview.


                               Remember you are selling yourself !


The Follow Up

If you don't get the job, contact the interviewer for some feedback on the interview. The feedback can help with the next interview.

Use the experience as a learning opportunity so you will not make the same error again.

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