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What Is Mentoring?

“Mentoring helps people understand and work through change and so contributes to the achievement of their goals or ambitions.” Quote from an expert mentor.

Mentoring is the sharing of experience and expertise. This aids the mentee’s personal and professional development to reach their true potential.

The Mentor can be used as a sounding board for new ideas, business development schemes etc., for issue resolution, risk assessment, option analysis or purely to build knowledge.

The Mentoring Relationship = a high degree of mutual trust and regard.

Three Stage Mentoring Process (adapted from the skilled helper by Gerard Egan)

Stage 1 – Exploration

Explore the current position and areas to focus on.

Stage 2 – New Understanding

This is the turning point in the process. The Mentor can share experiences and stories at this point to help clarify options / understanding.

New understanding can be exciting as the mentee begins to see things differently.

Sometimes after going through Stage 2, a return to Stage 1 is helpful.

Stage 3 – Action Planning

During this stage, options are discussed and a direction agreed upon. The outcome will be an action plan with timescales and resources required to achieve the desired result.

There may be discussion of how smaller actions can be undertaken to achieve the end goal, depending on the scale of the main goal.

Mentees Expectations

Through the mentoring relationship the Mentee can expect to gain in some of the following ways:

  • be challenged
  • learn from example
  • learn from mistakes
  • receive wise counsel
  • listen and be listened to
  • become more self aware
  • be coached
  • be encouraged develop greater self-confidence

You will not be:

  • told what to do
  • given the answers to all problems
  • receive favours
  • able to whinge

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