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New Focus Coaching Practice Charter

At present there is no governing body for Coaching, therefore to ensure all of my clients have confidence and an understanding of my principles and values, I have created the following ‘Charter’.


I will provide professional personal coaching of the highest quality with  non judgmental objectivity.

I aim to build a long lasting relationship with you which will enable us to work effectively together.

I will be committed to moving you forward to the next level by your achievement of goals in business, career, health, wealth and other areas as you wish to explore.

I will not mislead, deceive or misrepresent you.

To senior managers I will provide executive coaching and leadership.

My Values
Honesty    Integrity    Achievement    Trust
Value        Sharing      Loyalty            Professionalism

I will make every effort to deliver the coaching hours as agreed to the highest standards. If a mistake occurs I will resolve it to your satisfaction.

Courtesy and Integrity
I will maintain a high level of courtesy, accountability and integrity with all clients and associated contacts.
I will respond promptly to all inquiries and correspondence.

Confidentiality, Information and Assistance
I will at all times respect the confidentiality of clients and will not divulge any information unless required by law. All information held will be appropriate to coaching and not be excessive.
I will always seek written permission from you to release your name as a referee.
I will provide all the assistance and information (within the limits of confidentiality) I can, in the role of coach and to fulfill any contracts to the highest standard.

I will be fair in all aspects of business with clients.

Appointments and Time Allocation
I will always attend meetings and answer the phone at the times agreed, barring uncontrollable events. Remuneration will be apportioned to the time allocation.


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