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Coaching and Mentoring Investment

New Focus Coaching offers professional high quality personal coaching and mentoring which is affordable and easy to access by telephone or face to face.

All prospective clients receive a Free Personal Consultation followed by a choice of options to achieve great results.

Choose from a single session to a full retainer (call when you need coaching).

There are no hidden costs and my competitive investment options to suit your requirements are shown below:

Gold - 6 x 45 minute premium coaching or mentoring sessions
                       Spaced Over 3 months
(2 sessions each month).

- Designed for the serious professional who wants to achieve significant change.

- Unlimited e-mail support between sessions.

- Brief (1 x 10 minute) personal coaching call between sessions.

- Investment of 375.00

Silver - 6 x 45 minute coaching or mentoring sessions.

- Designed for professionals who want to achieve changes without the additional premium services.

- Occasional E-mail support.

- Investment of 325.00

Bronze - 4 x 45 minute coaching or mentoring sessions.

- For professionals who value continuous development or have a specific area to focus on.

- Occasional e-mail support.

- Investment of 240.00

Special One Off Personal Coaching or Mentoring Sessions

- 60 minute session 85
- 30 minute telephone session 45

Retainer for 1 year - call to discuss.

Additional Services:

Professional Career Coaching Programme

Executive Coaching

Graduate Coaching and Mentoring

Special rates for people facing redundancy, retirement or returning to work. Contact Martin for further information.

Full payment for the personal coaching programme is made following the free session.
After each session you will have an assignment to complete which will be reviewed at the next session. At the completion of your personal coaching programme, you can choose to continue at a special rate if you have more goals you wish to achieve.

Your investment includes your time, your commitment and your openness to achieve your true potential.

My Commitment to You

As your personal coach, I am 100% committed to helping you and supporting you to achieve your potential, based on professionalism, confidentiality and commitment to you.

Contact Martin now here or call 07847 372725 for your Personal Coaching

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