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Testimonials for New Focus Coaching:

The success of the client achieving their goals is the key aim of New Focus Coaching.

The feedback below highlights how several of our client feel about our services.

I have been working with Martin for 3 months now and, with his help, support, encouragement and guidance (not to mention ‘not’ letting me off the hook when I said I’d do something), I have made some massive steps forward in my business life, personal life and financial position.

I have always valued the support of a coach and mentor, and when the time came to take my personal and business life to the next level, I wanted a credible coach and mentor to work with, and after assessing and speaking with a number of potential partners (as this is very much how I view my coach, as a business partner), I chose to work with Martin. There are a number of reasons I chose Martin, including his friendly approachable manner, his gravitas and level of experience in life and business, but the over-riding thing for me was that he’s actually ‘done it’ himself in life and in business. He’s achieved. Many people market themselves as life coaching experts or business coaching guru’s but they didn’t appear (to me at least) to have really achieved anything to speak of themselves. I wanted someone I could learn from and who had really ‘been there’. Martin has held very senior corporate positions, has SME start-up experience, has a track record in developing people to fulfill their full potential, is a qualified Coach and Trainer, and is a European Motorsport Champion – demonstrating to me that he’s ‘done it’ and he’s ‘been there’ in life and in business. This is the type of person I want to work with.

Martin has stretched me, challenged me, kept me focused, encouraged me and picked me up at the right times, and held me to account and made me ask and expect more of myself at the right times too. I set very big goal and I am well on my way to achieving all of them and I can say with certainly, that I do not feel I would have progressed this far and as quickly had it not been for working with Martin.

I am very grateful for Martin’s help and support, and I highly recommend him. I expect to be working with Martin for the foreseeable / long-term / ongoing future. As my business operations grow and my life opportunities and horizons expand, I know that Martin will be the right person to coach and mentor me at/through each stage of my personal, business and financial growth. On a personal level, Martin is a great bloke, completely down to earth, genuine, friendly, supportive, intuitive, perceptive, accommodating, flexible in his approach, considerate, encouraging and is someone you want on your team. Grab the opportunity to work with him.
Paul P


I would like to recommend Martin as a coach.
He helped me pass an interview for a Financial Accountants position in a large multi national automotive company.

His methods, techniques and vast experience really helped me understand what was required to get and pass the interview. 


Martin has coached my son Rob to great success through a series of job interviews and assessment centres.

Rob did not have the confidence or interview experience to present himself and show his real capabilities. Thanks to Martin he got the job he really wanted.

I can really recommend Martin for his coaching skills, plus he’s a friendly and genuine person.


I met regularly with Martin between November 2005 and March 2006.

My first meeting was requested by me as I had totally lost direction both at work and at home.
I really didn't know what I wanted. 
Martin helped me to see what was important to me, both work-wise and at home.  He used some really useful ideas to make me think about and visualise the positives and to put a new perspective on my life.

Over the course of our meetings I was able to gradually move forward to a place where I felt almost a new lease of life. Suddenly problems became opportunities. 
By using Martin's tools and ideas to keep me on track, I found that I had changed from floundering in indecision to being much more focussed and aware of my own abilities and where I wanted to be.


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