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Coaching Wheels

The contents of this page include:

The Wheel of Balance - this covers whole life balance.

Leadership Wheel - this focuses on Business Leaders.

Health Wheel - this concentrates on people who wish to improve their being.


Wheel of Balance

The Wheel of Balance, also known as the Wheel of Life is a simple but powerful tool designed to help you get a picture of the present balance between different areas regarding your personal or business life, and identify which will most benefit you by improving. The wheel of balance allows you to determine and see whether you are focusing too much on one part of your life and so neglecting others.

The wheel is divided into segments in which you rank your level of satisfaction with each area of your life or business.

The segments are graduated from 0 to 10 with 0 being in the middle of the circle and 10 being at the outside.

To use the wheel, decide on your focus -
your personal or your business life . Then customise the wheel to suit your needs.

For example the segments of the wheel could be labeled - Career, Wealth, Family, Fun, Health, Love, Learning, Location etc.


After choosing your wheel, score your sense of satisfaction for each category with 0 being worst and 10 being best and mark your score in the relevant segment. Once you have done this for all the segments, join up your marks to form a lumpy wheel.

You will now have a picture of your categories as you rate them currently.

How lumpy is your wheel?

Is your life in balance?

Now is the time to start planning what you want to improve or change.

A coach will simplify this process and enable you to achieve your aims in reduced time scales.

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Leadership Wheel

The leadership wheel follows the same idea described above, with a focus on business leaders. The segments include Purpose, Goals, Talent, Control, Belonging, Recognition, Growth, Values.

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leadership wheel102

Health Wheel

The health wheel follows the same idea described above, with a focus on your health. The segments of the wheel in this case are Exercise, Diet, Alcohol, Smoking, Sleep, Rest / Relaxation, Partner/ Relationship, Other.
To do all you want to do, you must look after yourself first.

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