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Be Fearless - Achieve Greatness with Coaching & Mentoring

- Are you stuck and want to change ?

- Do you want:
         - to be more successful ?

         - a more fulfilling career ?

         - a better work life balance ?

         - Are you feeling overwhelmed,
           do not know which way to turn ?

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If you answered YES to any of these questions and are ready to take action, then New Focus Coaching can make the difference. I work with you in partnership to achieve your goals and successfully manage change.

Personal coaching is positive, motivating and can turn dreams into reality.
The results are totally within your capacity to achieve.

Are you ready for personal coaching?

To help you decide if New Focus Coaching is right for you, contact Martin now on 07847 372725 for a FREE no obligation 15 minute personal telephone consultation session.

Achieve your true potential and make career and life changes in shorter time scales. No one today would take a professional sports person seriously if they were without a coach !

A recent client said:

    "By using Martin's tools and ideas to keep me on track, I found that I had changed from floundering in indecision, to being much more focussed and aware of my own abilities and where I wanted to be."

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Contact Martin now here or call 07847 372725 for your Personal Coaching

Are You Ready for Personal Coaching?

- Do you wake up every day feeling excited?

- Do you have clear plans for your life - career, finance, family?

- Are you totally successful in all areas of your life e.g. finance, career, happiness, fitness, etc.?

If you have answered Yes to these questions, then personal coaching will be of little benefit to you. However if one or more answers was No, then continue with the next questions.

- I am motivated to change something in my life.

- I have dreams and desires yet to be achieved.

- I know change may be uncomfortable, however I am committed to make the changes.

- I value myself and consider the coaching fees an investment.

- I will be totally honest with my personal coach.

- I will carry out the actions agreed with my personal coach.

If you have answered Yes to these questions, personal coaching is going to have a positive impact on your life.

Contact Martin now here or call 07847 372725 for your Personal Coaching

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